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The Sunfire Subwoofer legacy lives on in the SpeakerCraft Subwoofer Series. Based on decades of bass innovation and patents these subwoofers move sound innovation and technology forward. They are powerful and compact, made to rock today’s world in a whole new way. With premium performance and no-compromise on sound quality, hear and feel an immersive listening experience. From the moment these are installed, you’ll understand exactly why not all subwoofers are created equal.

SpeakerCraft Subwoofer SDSi Series.With High back-EMF woofer design: over-sized magnets generating high motor force and triple drivers, experience unprecedented performance at this price.
A high excursion, fiber-glass reinforced 12″ woofer utilizing EMF with high-motor force design, this combination creates increased linear output with control. App based tuning includes auto-EQ function with digital room correction and DSP. The result is a subwoofer series with best-in-class fidelity for any source of audio.
With StillBass mechanical vibration elimination Speakercraft is the perfect solution when seeking an in-wall subwoofer. Bass performance that can play your movies, music and games with the kind of accurate reproduction that shows no favoritism. Powerful. Thoughtful. Formidable.




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